We are working closely with several clubs in top German division  and also the lower leagues.

PGA Tour

We are immersing in world golf as people enjoy playing this sport much more these days and tv audiences are growing across the world , players PR has also become increasingly popular with professional golfers.

Serie A

Bringing the best talent as players benefit from lower taxes regulations in Italy.Working closely with Napoli scouting team .

E Sports

Passion on this modality of entertaining is growing from South Korea across to Asia and Europe , we are working closely with teams in sponsoring proposals, future looks e-xciting ...

Tennis Tournaments  ATP & DAVIS CUP

We want to provide best visibility to our clients looking for new ways of sponsoring and branding plus also looking at bringing our own tennis stars of the future .

International Cricket ,IPL,T20

We are working in some exciting ventures at the moment .Is time to jump  on board .


Get ready to rumble,social media growth of over 25% during last year.

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